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Cycling from Nakuru to Nairobi Kenya


Pictures from my first tour on 8-1-2017 section 1 of the Southern Tier Bicycle route


Long weekend cycle touring camping trip in Dorset-Devon.


One month trip around the island. Beautiful panoramas, lots of up and downs. perfect clean and cheap caravan parks, good locals, and good chestnuts beer. PIETRA. The only bad thing - a huge amount of traffic! At least on the coast road.


Tony with Adorian Illes in Oz


This was on the morning of the second day of my ride from Racine Wisconsin to Washington DC.


Like I always say, that the best kind of walk or journey are the ones where you don't have any destination in mind when you start. My tour in South of Thailand was one of such journey wherein I never knew where I was heading towards. My plans never worked and I would end up in a village or national parks or city I have never heard about. Such is the joy of bicycle touring.


Some photos from Albert's 2015 Bike Tour - Ushuaia - San Pedro de Atacama.


Cycle Touring pictures submitted by Vincent & Nathalia Weil from their awesome 3 month tour across Columbia on a tandem bike during 2016.


South London to Dover over 3 days, wild camping in Higham and Boughton in the Kent countryside.


Great cycle touring photos from Bruno's tour to Camino

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