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My Week in France Kit List

This is my kit list from a recent trip to France on a 1 week tour.

Was in late Spring/Early Summer and had some great weather.  Touring at this time of year always keeps the weight down!

And before anyone asks in the Comments section - no I didn't take the washing machine with me! :-)

If you have any questions, please scroll down and leave a Comment.  I love kit lists, so please do post Comments!

  1. 2 * Ortlieb Roller Panniers (Rear)
  2. Ortlieb Handlebar Bag
  3. Terra Nova Laser Competition 1 Man Tent
  4. Terra Nova Voyager Sleeping Bag
  5. Life Adventure Trekking Towel
  6. Thermarest Neoair Sleeping Matt
  7. Mammut Ajungilak Pillow
  8. Cotton Sleeping Bag Liner (unknown brand)
  9. Jetboil Stove
  10. Jetboil Cutlery
  11. Stanley Plate and Bowl Set
  12. Non Stick Frying Pan
  13. Brooks Saddle Cover
  14. Bicycle Lock (unknown brand)
  15. 4 * Cycling Bib Shorts
  16. 3 * Cycling Tops
  17. Quicksilver Flip Flops
  18. Swimming Shorts
  19. Warm Socks (for night time)
  20. Casual Shorts
  21. Long Sleeve Light Weight Jacket
  22. Sunscrem
  23. Toothpaste & Brush
  24. Multi-Use Hair/Body/Clothes Wash
  25. Local Maps
  26. Garmin Touring GPS
  27. Powerbee Solar Charge
  28. Powerbee Battery
  29. Toilet Roll
  30. Cycling Shoes (SPD)
  31. 4 * Socks
  32. Tools (2*Tubes, Multitool, Patches, Spanner, Spoke Tool, Cable Ties, Tape and Spare Spokes)

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