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CyclingTouring.org is here to help all cyclists find like minded people to join Bicycle Tours and have awesome adventures!

Maybe you have struggled find friends to join your Bicycle Tour, or you are looking for an alternative to paid cycling holidays. We bring people together to share Cycling Adventures.  Your Bicycle Tour will be your own personal adventure to share with other like minded people.  

What qualifies to be a Bicycle Tour?  Well, we don't like to be specific or overly serious about these things - life is too short.  To us it is a mindset to go out and explore the World by Bicycle; take in the surroundings, have new experiences, and enjoy the company of people you meet and travel with.  It doesn't matter if your adventure is a multi year trip, a weekend away, or heading out somewhere locally.  If you want to experience it with new found friends, you are in the the right place.

How does it work? 

1. Login or Create your Account  >>> 2. Submit your Bicycle Tour details  >>>  3. Wait for people to Join  >>>  4. Go have an Adventure!

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