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Ben Woodward

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Mexico or Cuba
Hello all, I finished my last cycling tour about a month ago on Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada and I am eager to set out on a new journey soon! I have always wanted to see the country of Mexico and especially on a bicycle, carrying all my gear for camping along the way. I am an Environmental Scientist and I love to spend time outdoors, especially with beautiful scenery. I have some ideas about where to go, but I am looking for a travel partner who will provide their interests so that we can mutually plan an amazing adventure. I put Mexico or Cuba as the title and location to allow for Coronavirus flexibility as I would prefer to tour in Mexico, but Cuba has a much lower rate of Coronavirus transmission. However, I am uncertain about our ability to travel within the countryside of Cuba as the current tourist restrictions only allow tourists on the islands of Cuba, and not on the mainland. As such, I am focusing on a trip to Mexico with the safest plan and routes possible. Bicycle touring is my favorite way to travel and I love the idea of carrying only the essentials on a long trek. A long day of riding, pushing the bikes into a secluded beach and setting up the tent with an amazing view of the water and sunset is my goal. I analyze (remote sensing) camping spots on satellite photos to find the best locations so that the arrival is more planned rather than searching for the flatest tent spot before dark! I am a 43 year old male and I have many good years left to keep cycling hard, although my long days are tapping out at about 100km now. I raced in triathlons including Ironman distances and my days of 180+kms are over! Looking for a cycling partner close to my age who loves the outdoors as much as me. I have stayed at hostels and cheap hotels, but not a huge fan, partly due to security of my bicycle, gear, and privacy (I had a few shady experiences in Czech Republic), although a bed and warm shower is always a great prize! I speak English and Spanish fluently and I lived in Czech Republic, but I don't remember much if the language now! Looking forward to many more cycling adventures and hopefully we will head out together :)
Monday, 11. January 2021 until Thursday, 04. February 2021 (GMT +00:00)
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