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Around The World (From the UK)
Hi, Im a pretty novice when it comes to bikepacking but I'm not novice when it comes to bikes, I have years of experience on a bike including racing and doing big distance. I said that if things ever went south in my life I would pack all my stuff up and go bike packing around the world and I'm sticking true to that word. and I'm looking for someone to join me on that journey so its not to solum. I have a route planned for the wold thing, 3000 km of it I had to go by hand using maps and google map satellite because china is a minefield. I have travelled the world backpacking and lived all over the southern hemisphere so I'm pretty accustomed to how things work in other countries. The only thing I don't have yet is a date. The plan would be to camp, use warmshowers.org and a hostel or hotel (whatever is preferred every now and then) just to have that bit of luxury. If anyone would like to join me, help me adjust the plan and have an awesome experience that would be great, get in touch and let's see if we meld. Look forward to hearing from you. Julian
Monday, 31. August 2020 until Sunday, 29. August 2021 (GMT +01:00)


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