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Ewaut Van Wassenhove

Upcoming events

Alexandria (Egypt) - Adis abeba (Ethiopia) Following the nile +-80km a day

I have experience in long adventurous journeys and would love to do another one in Africa following the Nile to the land of punt.

I always aim for about 10 Euros a day even when this is a lot in poorer countries. Just more money to spend on local food and an occasional hotel.

Looking for someone with a level of chill that is required in Africa. Really don't care about gender or age or even if you are out of shape. After one week or 1.5 weeks you'll be in shape!

I like camping, so bring a tent off course!  Even open for novice or new riders or people who have never been in Africa before. You just need chill, because things will go weird in Africa. Really just want to share the beauty in this world and not be alone in my experience.

Thursday, 17. January 2019 until Thursday, 28. March 2019 16:16 - 16:16 (GMT +00:00)
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