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Mel Cormican

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Cycle Across America - LA to NY

I will be following Route 66 using cycling maps to Chicago, and then following another route to New York. I've been bicycle touring since 2008 and consider myself quite experienced conducting a tour. With this time frame, it will be manageable to stop off and see places on the way, taking days off here and there. I like to enjoy the ride so I am not into speed contests, but cycling at a comfortable pace with a view to seeing the scenery and meeting people along the way. I will be mainly camping - stealth camping mostly - and I will likely try warmshowers and couchsurfing, and hostels in cities. I would consider up to 4 in a group (presuming others want to come along). I think 3-4 in total would be ideal because while I like the solitude of cycling, having others to chat with would add to the experience. Things I can offer prospective fellow cyclists, apart from easy-going Irish charm: I will have a detailed route on maps, backed up with offline gps maps, so navigation won't be an issue; I can give you advice - if required - with packing your kit so as to be efficient;  I will have a solar panel for charging up mobiles; wide and varied conversation; and good background and experience in bicycle touring. I aim to cycle between 50 and 100km each day, depending on circumstances, like terrain, sightseeing, etc.

Tuesday, 11. June 2019 until Wednesday, 21. August 2019 07:00 - 17:00 (GMT +01:00)
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