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Dartmoor Way

This ride has been on my list for a long time, despite living so close to Dartmoor - it is easy to forget all the great touring opportunities in your own back yard! Dartmoor is a wonderful place to visit, especially by bicycle. It will be quite tough on some of the hills, but I guarantee the views will be worth it :-) I plan to follow the Dartmoor Way cycle route - over a weekend. It is a 100 miles ish route across the beautiful Dartmoor National Park. There are a couple of options on the route - very flexible on this. Sleeping wise I would prefer to camp if the weather is okay. Failing that, jump into a hostel, B & B or similar. Give me a shout if you are interested. Obviously with Covid, I'll change dates if required. Fingers crossed all good :-)

Wednesday, 26. May 2021 until Friday, 28. May 2021 (GMT +01:00)


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