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Vivir en Bicicleta

Epic Multiple Month/Year Journey Dani Ku Free event
Booked: 0 | Free Seats: Unlimited

En Febrero de 2014 decidí empezar a vivir mis sueños... Dani Ku, Barcelona, Spain. Since February of 2014... living my dreams.

Saturday, 22. February 2014 until Monday, 23. October 2023 09:00 - 19:00 (GMT +00:00)

Europe with 100 Euro

Epic Multiple Month/Year Journey Chris Avelo Free event Booking will be on Waiting List
Booked: 1 | Free Seats: 0

I plan to make my first long bike tour this year and it would be cool to do it with someone.

Friday, 01. April 2016 until Wednesday, 01. January 2020 09:00 - 18:00 (GMT +01:00)

From Europe to Asia

Epic Multiple Month/Year Journey Jan Online Free event Booking will be on Waiting List
Booked: 1 | Free Seats: 0

I would like to cycle from Europe to Asia in 2017

Friday, 01. September 2017 until Saturday, 01. September 2018 10:00 - 20:00 (GMT +01:00)

Bike with Diabetes - A cycling journey from Brussels to Cape Town

Epic Multiple Month/Year Journey Arthur De Brouwer Free event
Booked: 1 | Free Seats: Unlimited

I will start the journey in September 2017 from Brussels and cycle towards the Mediterranean (Marseille, Valencia or Naples) where I will embark on a container ship heading to Alexandria or Suez in Egypt.

Saturday, 16. September 2017 until Saturday, 18. May 2019 10:00 - 20:00 (GMT +01:00)

Where is the Gobi Desert?

Epic Multiple Month/Year Journey Fran G Free event Booking will be on Waiting List
Booked: 3 | Free Seats: 0

The Gobi Desert has always had a mystical appeal to me, and yet most people can't place it on the map. So I propose to find it by bicycle!

Sunday, 07. January 2018 until Saturday, 15. December 2018 10:00 - 20:00 (GMT +00:00)

Bicycle touring buskers!

Epic Multiple Month/Year Journey Paul Compter Free event
Booked: 0 | Free Seats: Unlimited

Hi there, I am looking for other bicycle touring musicians who think it might be fun to go around Europe and perform street music in all the cool places. I carry around an ukulele which I'm planning on hooking up through some speakers. I like playing upbeat jazz standards, but anything goes really.

At the moment I'm in the area of Marseille, but don't really have any proper plans except visiting my dear old mom at some point in Malaga. Aside from that, we'll see which way the wind blows. So yeah, if your up for the rock n roll adventure, sleeping out under the stars, visiting the cool cities and having fun playing music you should definitely send me a message!

Friday, 16. February 2018 until Friday, 16. November 2018 09:00 - 19:00 (GMT +00:00)

Cycling from Iran to Finland

Epic Multiple Month/Year Journey Lawrence Cheung Free event
Booked: 2 | Free Seats: 1

I am an early retired 56 years old man from Hong Kong, looking for a touring companion to cycle from Tehran, Iran via Turkey, Eastern Europe, Baltic countries to Helsinki, Finland.

Expect to start the trip at the beginning of March and finish by the end of July.  Welcome any 18+ year old cyclist, regardless of gender who likes bicycle touring, and doesn't mind staying overnight in a tent and cooking during the trip occasionally.  Will also stay overnight at Warmshower's host, hostel and bed & breakfast.

I am a slow rider, ride 60-80 km a day to leave enough time to explore something new, meet new people, experience new culture in the journey. Used to cycling to Lhasa, round Japan, round Taiwan and Four Rivers Cycling Trail in Korea. This is the first cycling in Europe, but I traveled to Europe many times.

If this sounds like a bicycle tour you would like to get involved with, please sign up and we can sort out the finer details.

Monday, 05. March 2018 until Sunday, 29. July 2018 09:00 - 19:00 (GMT +00:00)

2018 Cross Country Tour for Healthcare Reform

Epic Multiple Month/Year Journey Cadence Chance Free event
Booked: 1 | Free Seats: Unlimited

I am an experienced cyclist seeking others to ride bikes with across the USA.

The journey is dedicated to healthcare reform. Reform Cycle is a cross-country conversation about healthcare reform as well as a tour through layers of American history.

The proposed route from Los Angeles, CA, to Washington, DC (~3,700 mile trip) passes by the limestone quarry from Breaking Away in Bloomington, IN, the red sands (and the radiation) of St. George in Utah, and the markers for the Underground Railroad in Uniontown, PA.

I will be filming folks along the way for a documentary on US healthcare reform. I am looking for other riders for sections or for the duration of the entire trip. Please visit www.reformcycle.org for more information.

Tuesday, 01. May 2018 until Saturday, 01. September 2018 09:00 - 19:00 (GMT +01:00)

One time around Great Britain from May to September 2018

Epic Multiple Month/Year Journey Achim Janders Free event
Booked: 1 | Free Seats: Unlimited

Hi Guys, my next big adventure will start on the 1st May, and will be 4 months cycling around Great Britain.

I like it to travel alone, but also like to get to know local people, or cycle some distance with someone - that's why I am here :-)

I want to cycle mostly along the coast, but there are also some interesting sites to visit a bit apart from the sea. One of the first detour will be Stonehenge :-)  So I will come by bus from Munich to Antwerpe and take over from Dunkirk to Dover from where I go west. I haven't sorted out yet where I will stay the nights. On the country side I will try to pitch my tent in the wild, but I think I want to explore some bigger cities like: Brighton, Southampton, Lands End, Bristol, Cardiff, Liverpool, Lancaster, Carlisle, Glasgow, Oban, Outer Hebrides, Portree, Ulapool, John o Groats, Inverness, Fort Wiliam, Elgin, Banff, Aberdeen, Dundee, Perth, Edinburgh, Newcastle upon Tyne, Middlesbrough, Scarborough, Colchester, London, Canterbury and Dover again.

So this is a rough description of my trip. If you would like to join me along the way, please get in touch with me, and we will sort out when I will be at which place.  I want to have ridden 6600km (10.500 miles) at the end of August or mid September in Dover.

In the end there will be a lot more ... :-)  so, I am really happy to hear from you

cheers Achim

Tuesday, 01. May 2018 until Wednesday, 05. September 2018 09:00 - 19:00 (GMT +01:00)

Across Canada 2018

Epic Multiple Month/Year Journey Leanne Klimek Free event
Booked: 1 | Free Seats: Unlimited

Hey there!

My name is Leanne, and I'm planning a cycle tour across Canada departing on June 1st in Vancouver, BC (Canada) and ending somewhere around the first or second week of September in New Brunswick.

Depending on how things go, I'd love to head to PEI and cross into Nova Scotia as well. I've made a map that you can find right here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=12Q6Kvh05cKzt9BK2_IGh6feTtlTSU4Ns&usp=sharing

I'm planning on doing most of this solo at the moment, and would be overjoyed to share this adventure with cycling companions! I'm planning on camping most of the way with the odd night in a hostel here and there. I'm new to cycle touring (though not out of shape). I imagine I'll be a bit slow, especially at the start, so a companion with some patience (or okay with riding on the slow side to begin with!) would be ideal. I'm hoping to ride between 50-60 km the first few days of the tour, ramping up to around 100 for the remainder with approximately one rest day every week (and fewer kilometres if the weather is poor, having a bad day, etc.).

I'm female and 26, open to riding with a partner of any age or gender. When I'm not biking around I really enjoy tossing frisbees, reading books and laughing until my abs hurt. Let me know if this trip sounds like your jam! I'd love to chat!

Friday, 01. June 2018 until Sunday, 09. September 2018 09:00 - 19:00 (GMT +01:00)

London to Palermo

Epic Multiple Month/Year Journey Dee Cee Free event
Booked: 0 | Free Seats: 2

I'm looking for people to join me on my cycle tour from London to Dover - Calais to Sicily. Then ferry across to Spain and back up.

Thinking possibly cycling 50 miles a day. Camping all the way.

Please get in contact if you would like to join me.

Saturday, 02. June 2018 until Wednesday, 12. September 2018 09:00 - 19:00 (GMT +01:00)

Stockholm, Sweden to Cape Town, South Africa

Epic Multiple Month/Year Journey Daniel Wambaugh Free event
Booked: 0 | Free Seats: Unlimited

In June 2018 I will be beginning a roughly 2-2.5 year bike tour starting in Stockholm, Sweden and ending in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Wednesday, 06. June 2018 until Saturday, 12. December 2020 10:00 - 20:00 (GMT +01:00)

South Africa this Summer (2018)

Epic Multiple Month/Year Journey Zaulayka Pholoso Free event
Booked: 0 | Free Seats: Unlimited

This is be my first cycle tour.

I have 40 days to and hope to cycle in South Africa and go through Swaziland and Lesotho. The ride will start from Soweto in Johannesburg to Swaziland, then Richards Bay and Durban down the coast of KwaZulu Natal . Then Lesotho via the Sani Pass and then to kimberley (I want to see the BIG hole) back to Johannesburg.

It would be great to find other people to join me on this journey. Please get in touch in if you are interest.

Monday, 30. July 2018 until Thursday, 30. August 2018 09:00 - 19:00 (GMT +01:00)

Across Canada Tour

Epic Multiple Month/Year Journey Paul Sliffe Free event
Booked: 0 | Free Seats: Unlimited

Hello! I am leaving on a cycle adventure for 2 and a half months. Starting in Vancouver Canada, I'm going to either Niagara Falls or the East Coast.

The idea is to go about 60-80 miles a day, and cover the terrain in 2-3 months. Winter will be around the corner, so some winter gear will be needed.

I camp along the entire way and carry everything on my bike. Rough estimate including flights should be about $2200, but is subject to the person's preferences.

I have done an all camping tour before across the states and it is an adventure of a life time!

Don't worry, we will meet a lot of people along the way and be able to shower and sleep inside.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Monday, 01. October 2018 until Friday, 30. November 2018 09:00 - 19:00 (GMT +01:00)

Alexandria (Egypt) - Adis abeba (Ethiopia) Following the nile +-80km a day

Epic Multiple Month/Year Journey Ewaut Van Wassenhove Free event
Booked: 0 | Free Seats: Unlimited

I have experience in long adventurous journeys and would love to do another one in Africa following the Nile to the land of punt.

Time frame is flexible. I am aiming for spring 2019 and have to see with my doctors appointments for cancer follow-ups.

I always aim for about 10 Euros a day even when this is alot in poorer countries. Just more money to spend on local food and an occasional hotel.

Looking for someone with levels of chill that required in Africa. Really don't care about gender or age or even if you are out of shape. After one week or 1.5 weeks you'll be in shape!

I like camping allot so bring a tent off course!  Even open for novice or new riders or people who have never been in Africa before. You just need chill because things will go weird in Africa.

Really just want to share the beauty in this world and not be alone in my experience.

Friday, 01. March 2019 until Saturday, 01. June 2019 09:00 - 19:00 (GMT +00:00)

Bike Across America 2019 - A heavily modified Northern Tier route

Epic Multiple Month/Year Journey Quinn McHugh Free event Booking will be on Waiting List
Booked: 1 | Free Seats: -1
A 4,600 mile, coast to coast bike tour starting in Glen Rock, New Jersey, USA and ending west of Olympic National Park. Averaging 40-70 miles a day with generally 1 rest day a week (depending on terrain) and a very heavy reliance on campgrounds, stealth camping, and Warmshowers hosts for sleeping accommodations. The tour will wind its way through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world including but not limited to: Niagara Falls National Park, Badlands National Park, Black Hills National Forest (Mt. Rushmore & Devil's Tower), Yellowstone National Park, Bighorn National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Glacier National Park, Northern Cascades National Park, etc. Full route here: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/16408165
Monday, 27. May 2019 until Wednesday, 31. July 2019 07:00 - 19:00 (GMT +01:00)
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