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Discussions tagged Bicycle Touring

Hello everyone, we want to apply for the China visa but can't find much online.. Has anyone ever done it before?...
Mari-Claire is looking for cycle touring companions to join this bicycle tour across the coast of Scotland. Cycle Tour Scotland Coasthttps://www.cyclingtouring.org/touring-events/join-a-cycling-tour/event/0/90-touring-holiday/126-cycling-scotland-...
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Latest cycle tour gone live. Karen is looking for a companion to join her on an epic bicycle tour across Africa! Up for it? Cycle Tour across Africa starting November 2016.https://www.cyclingtouring.org/touring-events/join-a-cycling-tour/event/0/9...
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I am a complete novice, I did want to do the route da plata but don't think I will have the time so have opted for a shorter route. Any advice on places , routes and tips would be great. I will then take the train to Marbella to meet some friends...
Bike tour from Cairo to Cape Town just gone live! Jonas is looking for people to join him on this awesome looking adventure. Sound interesting? Get in touch. https://www.cyclingtouring.org/touring-events/join-a-cycling-tour/event/0/92-epic-mult...
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... with a lot of camera gear!   Hi, on our long distance tour we brought a bit more stuff than usual. Things as a laptop, thicker sleeping bag for the toughest conditions, a bigger (more comfortable) tent etc. we usually don't bring for a 3-4 ...
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