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  1. Peter Ashford
  2. Site News
  3. Wednesday, July 29 2015, 01:29 PM
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Hi Everyone!

A quick update on some changes that are coming to http://www.cyclingtouring.org

1. The image area is a little unstructured in it's current state. It isn't looking it's best, so there will be some changes to come over the next week. Instead of being a long list of images, it will be broken up and images will have titles, descriptions and names of who uploaded. There will also be the option to leave comments. I want people to have the tools to comment about their pictures and cycle tours.

2. If you are like me, you probably like to know (sometime obsess!) about the kit people take on tour. Looking at pictures, trying to work out what something is and whether it is any good is great fun :-) Now there will be a new area for us all to enjoy this past time. Members can upload lists with images for us all to look at. Like with the image area, there will be a comments area for you to chat amongst yourselves.

3. Finally, I'm just finishing up a new page showing reviews of the great resources across the internet for cycle touring. Web sites, blogs, equipment, routes - all that kind of stuff. There is a lot information out there and it is nice to pool it together and give reviews. Discussion will also be a part of this area too.

All these changes will go live very soon!

There are so many other ideas floating around and the to-do list is ever growing! I'll update you all over the coming week.

Happy cycling!

cheers Pete
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Peter Ashford Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Pleased to announce the arrival of a new cycle touring image gallery. This new area shows who uploaded the images and gives everyone the opportunity to leave comments. The formatting of the whole page is much improved too. Hope you all enjoy it. Visit the cycle touring image area now.

It is always great to look at other people's cycle tour photos. If you have any you would like to share, please do upload for us all to enjoy. We are also starting to build up member cycle touring videos too.

Upload your cycle touring images here.
Upload your cycle touring videos here.

Any questions or queries, please reply to this post.
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