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  1. Nicolas
  2. Cycle Touring Advice
  3. Monday, February 20 2017, 08:56 PM
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Hi guys. I am looking to get some feedback from the touring community on a new product I have developed so I can improve it's functionality to tailor it better to meet your needs. It's called the Cydekick and it's an accessory you attach to your bike that converts your wheel’s motion into electricity. It has a USB output on it so that you can recharge all of your electronic devices, including your phone just by pedaling. It will charge as fast as a standard wall outlet @ 12mph (5V, 1A). If you wouldn't mind, would you please take a look at my landing page and website and let me know what you think? Hope to get some great feedback that I can use to improve the design. Also if you sign up with your email I will enter you into our early bird special contest and send you reminder when we launch on Indiegogo this spring.



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William Wade Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Will this device work with quick release hub? Will this device work with a wheel that has disc brakes?
  Milwaukee, WI, USA
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Peter Ashford Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Hi Nicolas,

Always great to see new tech for us cyclists to use! In this day and age we all love our gadgets, and many of us (including me) obsess about keeping them topped up with power.

Your site looks good and easy to use. You showcase the product well on the main page. What I was looking for is a bit more in depth technical information and diagrams on how it works and fits to the bike (I like technical information). I would also say the video on the main page is being covered up a bit too much by the text overlaying it.

The other thing is price. What is the expected cost of this product? Many people will be comparing this to the hub type power generators. Also, maybe a comparison table to a popular hub type.

Hope your venture goes well :-)

If you would like us at cyclingtouring.org to review it, please get in touch. https://www.cyclingtouring.org/contact-ushttps://www.cyclingtouring.org/contact-us

cheer Pete
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