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BikeRoll - Planning Bicycle Routes

BikeRoll - Planning Bicycle Routes
Hello and welcome to a Guest Post from Botond Bócsi from Transylvania, Romania.  Botond has recently setup a new site to help with planning bicycle routes for cycling.  https://bikeroll.net My name is Botond Bócsi from Transylvania, Romania. I like to spend my free time in nature hiking, rock climbing, or biking. Transylvania is the perfect place for my mountain bike with a lot of hills and mountains. Many desolate roads go though small villages where you can rarely encounter any tourists, thus, you can enjoy the local culture and nature.      After biking a few thousands of miles (that is not that much at all if you think about it) I realized that the planning of a bicycle route is more important than one would imagine. Of course with good attitude any bike track can be enjoyed. But as people get older, with more and more miles in their legs,...
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