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Stove for Bicycle Touring | Jetboil Zip Review

Stove for Bicycle Touring
A few of my recent posts have been focused on the kind of food I like to eat whilst out on a bicycle tour. So now seems like the perfect time to write about the stove I use to cook it on. A Jetboil Zip. Before I get started, if you did miss the previous posts on food, then check them out now.   Cooking and Eating on a Bicycle Tour | Part 1 Cooking and Eating on a Bicycle Tour | Part 2     What is a Jetboil? Jetboil stoves are compact, lightweight and very portable. The whole concept is to pack down all the components into the main cup/vessel compartment, making it an all in one stove. The stand, gas canister, burner and pan stabiliser all sit perfectly inside. The whole unit then takes up little space in your pannier or ruck sack. Perfect for any adventurer! ...
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Eating and Cooking on a Bicycle Tour | Part 2

Eating and Cooking on a Bicycle Tour
Welcome back to Part 2 of this post about my take on eating and cooking whilst on a bicycle tour. In Part One  I talked about how I cook, where I eat and what works for me. In this part I'll run through a few of the things I like eat and how I cook them. Lets get started There is no better place to start than my favorite meal of the day. A great breakfast will get in you the mood for crunching away the miles, hour after hour. It kicks starts your body and is the foundation for feeling happy all day. As I touched on in Part One , try not to skip breakfast or eat something that isn't matching the energy needed for you day of cycling. You are on a cycle tour, not a dieting boot camp! Getting this wrong could mess up your day and leave you...
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