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All about us (as cyclists)

My husband of twenty-ish years (Sam) and I have been cycling our whole married lives. I was (am) a runner when we met but quickly learned to love cycling. Sam bought me my first bicycle as a christmas gift before we were married....I think he had plans.

A few years ago, we took up cyclo-touring and have enjoyed five tours. A CNC ride across North Carolina (fully supported), a week long self-supported trip on the C&O canal trail near D.C. and a two week self-supported trip on the GAP trail in Maryland/Pennsylvania. In 2012, we proudly ticked TransAm off our bucket list and, in 2016, washed up dusty and in need of a laundry at my sisters place in San Diego with the Southern Tier 'in the tail lights'. Now, as usual, we have begun looking about for our next adventure to dream on....unless there is some serious dissension in the ranks, it will be the West Coast Route.

I have a sensitivity/allergy to gluten, soy and some dairy so travel food is an aspect of any trip that we both work to refine and reinvent on an ongoing basis. I am also a knitter and never leave without a supply of fine-meaning thin gauge- yarn and needles (though they don't always see a lot of action). My current blog can be found at paleotravelers.blogspot.com.

Sam loves to read and is, despite his looks, quite bookish. He also is a fair hand at bicycle mechanic-ing...which is lucky for us. He has a more logical mind than me and has the great virtue of not being addicted to chocolate.

A few years ago, we agreed to never take anything for free. If you host us (thank you!) please allow us to find some way to exchange for a tent site and possible shower. Its not so much a pay it forward thing as it is that we just feel better in mutual benefit relationships.

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