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Bicycle Touring Local Leaders

I'm very excited to announce a great new service from Cycling Touring Community.  Local Bicycle Touring Leaders. 

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What is it all about?

We are building a network of cyclists, ready to meet up and help other cyclists visiting their local area as part of a cycle tour, or even a simple bike ride. It is about meeting up, going cycling and showing people your local area. The local leader has the opportunity to help, meet new people, have fun, and become part of a bicycle tour. And the visiting cyclist get their own local guide!

It is a simple service to use. People register their details and a location nearby (no home or personal addresses), which in turn creates a pin on a map. People visiting the area who want to meet up, Click a Pin on our interactive map, read the details, and if they would like to get in touch, complete a quick form to send a message. The local leader responds, and the rest is down you.


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Why are we setting up this service?

The idea came about whilst thinking about how to make Cyclingtouring.org more inclusive. There has been a trend for the Cycle Touring Companion/Buddy/Friend service to mainly being used by people going on longer bicycle Tours - you know, those epic multi month journeys many of us dream of, but can only do every so often. Many of us juggle busy lives, but would still love to get involved from time to time, even if it was just for one fun afternoon. We can all have a mini adventure in our own back yard!  Cycling Touring Community want ALL cyclists, with even the smallest amount of free time to have opportunities to get involved on a regular basis. 

What I love about this service is that it benefits everyone. Bicycle tourists often find themselves in new and exciting parts of the world. Imagine having your own personal guide - local people ready to take you cycling and show all the great places to visit along the way. Ride great cycling routes. Visit the places visitors don't always discover. Discover restaurants and cafes serving awesome food. And discover the 'wish I had known about that at the time' information. And if you have been out touring alone for a long period of time, it is nice to break it up and meet new people. 


What happens next?

It starts with people (hopefully that will include you!) registering their details to be pinned on the map. It would be amazing to get 1000's of pins on the map, covering the globe, and create a vast network of cyclists ready to get involved. Next step is for people visiting these areas to get in contact and go have some awesome local cycling adventures!

I really hope you all can see the benefits and would like to be part of this. Lets make this a successful service that helps everyone! 

And if you are ever passing through my neck of the woods, please do get in touch! https://www.cyclingtouring.org/local-leaders/local-cycle-touring-leaders/128-local-leader/32-somerset-devon-and-cornwall


Get Started Now!  Visit the Local Leader Map and Submission Pages



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