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A Good Start

Hello Everyone!

Cyclingtouring.org has now been live for 2 weeks!  During this time we have seen an influx of new members joining the site and cycle tours have been uploaded for people to join.  Our social media presence is growing and I'm really happy with the progress so far. There is still more work to do to spread the word!  We do really need your help with this.  If you like what we are doing for the cycling touring community, then please please Like/Share/Follow us via Social Media. Doing this will really help us grow the site and attract new members to join your cycle tours.   

Our social media links can be found in the top right corner of the site (in the grey bar).  Or see the links below.

We have some great new services now on line ready to be used and have something special to enhance the touring friends/companions service next week :-)

Our article section will shortly go live. We are just finalising some articles we have ready to go.  I'm writing up some tent reviews with some great time lapse video of me putting them up. I received a GoPro for my birthday recently and cannot stop using the time lapse - love it :-) We would like our members to write their own reviews of equipment used out on tour.  It really can be anything.  From a bike to camping stove - what ever you like cycle touring related.  If you submit your review and it is accept by 31st May 2015, you will be automatically entered into our competition to wind a great set of bike lights. 

That is all from me for now.  Wanted to keep this post fairly short to give you all a little update. Thank you all again for visiting and using the web site.  I hope you can all see the vision for this community and how we want to help enhance your cycle tour experiences and ultimately get people riding together. 

Next blog post will be about how to convert an old bike into a great touring bicycle.  I have done this myself and love the end result!! Check out the photo below of my ex mountain bike, which is now and awesome touring bicycle, getting some maintenance and clean.

Bicycle for Touring


Happy Cycling!

Cheers, Peter


Cycle touring equipment and my first cycle tour…
Little Cycle Tour to Dinan

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