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Diary of A Chinese Cyclist


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It was in 2008, and over 2 months a friend achieved his grand trip; cycling from Shanghai to Tibet. It sounded so attractive to me that not long after, I bought my first mountain bike.

But I didn’t really want to ride to Tibet. I didn’t even want to ride out of Shanghai. ‘No time’. ‘My leg hurts’. ‘Maybe I’m not the type’. Before the dream really shapes, it was killed by these negative voices inside of me. But by coincidence, I have the chance to take my bike to a new life in Europe, and the dream is finally awaken.

I wished to do something I can memory lifelong, and I didn't wish to wait no more.

Scandinavian is one of the most fascinating place for me in the planet. I decide to set there as the target, and make it happen right this summer.

In fact, I seldom do sport. ‘Dream’/’Goal’, people speak these words easily, but without actions, they are eventually BUBBLES and JOKES.

In the coming months after decision was made, I set short term targets to acquire long distance cycling experiences. There were some hard times, but I finally got through and passed the ‘qualification challenge’ set by myself - 3 days cycling from Ingolstadt to Heidelberg. I then announced to myself, ‘I am ready’.

Next: Route planning. Search information, plan, re-schedule, study the possibilities – I felt like I had already fly over the ocean and set on the journey thousands times. Fancy imaginations occupied my minds. In the end I even came to an impression – like I have already been to there last lifetime.  Finally, a 19-days cycling plan come to birth.

The route lies mostly in Norway. I shall spend 21 hours – 8 times transfer by train to reach Hirtshals, the northern seaport of Danemark. Then travel overnight on a ferry to Stavanger, the city in south Norway, and all the way long to north, reach Lofoten Islands and turn back.

To start my ‘imagined’ plan in a land I know nothing about, how dangerous could it be?  How many are there out of my consideration?  How much do I know about myself?

Finally, here comes the day.


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