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Maya Isabelle Hvittfeldt

Member since: Monday, 02 October 2017
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Maya Isabelle
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I'm heading out on a great adventure somewhere in the world with my little dog on a unlimited time - and Maybe we find a new home along the way. After I spent years just focusing about work I decided It is time to focus on feeling alive and explore everything the world had to offer. I sold most of my things and live a little bit everywhere at the moment while I plan my adventure that will start in August/ September 2017.

I don't have any big bike experience since before and so far I don't even know where I'm going - Maybe in the direction of Kamchatka or South America. I never been to Asia but a few years ago I hitchhiked Canada- Colombia. I might get a foldable bike so I can do some hitchhiking once in a while as I really Love hitchhiking.

I am here to find inspiration, learn more about biking and plan my route or Maybe even find someone to share it with or parts of it at least. Hope to see you along the way /Bella (And cockerspanieln Kira)

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Happy to change an inner tube (NOVICE)
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Costa Rica, Norway, Panama, Sweden
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