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Robin Jane Brodsky

Member since: Friday, 17 June 2016
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Robin Jane
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Cycling the Baja Divide

Cycling the Baja Divide
Hello and welcome to a guest blog post from Robin Brodsky. Robin went on an awesome bike tour to Baja, California, following the popular Baja Divide route. This blog post tells her story of the highs and the lows of a truly epic cycle ride through the fantastic landscape this part of the world has to offer. This ride is now on my wish list!  Check out https://bajadivide.com/route-details/history/ for more information about the Baja Divide.     Lets get started...     1700 Miles of Bliss and Brutality What a great ride! It was beautiful and it was painful. Some of the road surfaces were so rough, I started having pain at the base of my skull from the vibration. My head felt like my brain was dropped into a blender and my arms like I'd been using a jack hammer all day. That’s when I got off the bike and...
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