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Peter Ashford

Member since: Tuesday, 04 November 2014
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I'm the owner/admin of cyclingtouring.org and am obsessed with all forms of cycling, but have especially caught the touring bug in recent years. Getting out there and exploring new places puts a smile of my face, even if that means riding up nasty hills :-)

I enjoy spending time with my family, meeting new people, eating great food (seriously obsessed with food!), tinkering with my many bicycles and of course CYCLING!

I set up this community after many touring trips alone and wanting to find like minded people to come along to share the adventures. I'm always looking to join other people's tours and submit my own for people to come along with me. Check out my blog page for more!
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Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom
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Hi! I'm Peter, the site owner, administrator, keen cyclist, and everything else to keep cyclingtouring.org ticking over!

This is where it all begins - Welcome to the Cycling Touring Community

This is where it all begins - Welcome to the Cycling Touring Community
So here it is!  The first blog entry for my new site www.cyclingtouring.org   I have been meaning to start writing this blog for some time now.  With all the work that has gone into starting this site, I guess the time has run away. Or maybe am I scared of your comments!?    What is there to tell about me?  Late 30’s (ish!) IT professional (my day job) who loves cycling and his family.  Having recently moved to Jersey (Channel Islands) for my work, I was really made to think about my cycling after I went from having all of the UK available to me, to an island just 9 by 5 miles!  I had to re-invent my cycling life! Some of my earliest memories are of learning to ride a bike and spending time with my friends, riding our bikes. In fact up until the age of about...
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