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Bicycle Touring Adventures

Our community of Bicycle Tourists helps people find new friends to go Bicycle Touring with.

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Explore the World by Bicycle. Seek Adventure. Meet new people. And have fun!

CyclingTouring.org helps all cyclists discover cycle touring buddies & friends.  Whether you have a cycle tour planned, want to join someone else's or already out and want to meet people, our friendly community spirit will have you out sharing touring adventures with new found friends in no time!


Bicycle Tours to Join

Multi Country Cycling Tour
Multi Country Cycling Tour
Thursday, 01. April 2021 until Tuesday, 06. June 2023 (GMT +01:00)

Cycle Tour Details

Multi Country Touring
Multi Country Touring
Saturday, 01. May 2021 until Thursday, 28. December 2023 (GMT +01:00)

Cycle Tour Details

Across Russia May-Oct 2021
Across Russia May-Oct 2021
Saturday, 01. May 2021 until Sunday, 31. October 2021 (GMT +01:00)

Cycle Tour Details

Cross Country Tour Mostly on the Transamerica Route
Cross Country Tour Mostly on ..
Monday, 10. May 2021 until Friday, 16. July 2021 (GMT +01:00)

Cycle Tour Details

Ireland in 2021
Ireland in 2021
Sunday, 13. June 2021 until Wednesday, 14. July 2021 (GMT +01:00)

Cycle Tour Details

Long Distance Touring Adventure!
Long Distance Touring Adventu..
Friday, 16. July 2021 until Monday, 16. May 2022 (GMT +01:00)

Cycle Tour Details

Become a Local Leader




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Cycling Touring


Our Local Leader service helps Touring Cyclists visiting new areas find local people to meet up with. 

Would you like to be the local person showing visiting cyclists great places to ride, pointing out the best places to eat and sleep, and go to the places only the people in the know, know about?  And the best part - you get to share in the adventure too. Even if only a few hours one afternoon, it is a perfect way for people with busy lives to have adventures.

Want to get involved?

Submit details about your local area, which places a pin on the Central Map. Visiting cyclists can then send you a message.  If everyone is happy, you meet up..   

Submit Your Details Now

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Submit your Bicycle Tour  

We can help you find people to join your Bicycle Adventure - our community site brings people together to share Bicycle Tours.    

This is free service that has no restrictions - it doesn't matter if your cycling adventure is a multi year trip, a weekend away, or heading out somewhere locally.  Your tour will be your own adventure to share with new found friends.  

Are you ready to get started?  Your tour can be as detailed or unplanned as you like - no need to have a detailed plan, unless you want to.

Submit Your Tour Now

Thank you for submitting your details to become a Local Leader.

What happens now?

As we like everything to look perfect, a quick once over by one of our administrators happens to make sure you are not pretending to be a robot! If we need any further information we will be in touch.

If everything is looking spot on, you will receive an email confirmation and your location will be added to the map.

If you have any queries, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are always happy to help.

We hope you meet lots of great people and have awesome adventures!

Cycling Touring Community



Become part of a network of touring cyclists - Help other cyclists by sharing local knowledge when they visit your area.

Show the best places to cycle. Point out great places to eat and sleep, and show them those places only people in the know, know about. The real bonus is that you get to share an adventure, even if it is just for one afternoon. A great way for people with busy lives to have adventures too!

Complete the form with some basic information. A pin on a Central Map will then show the area you choose. People visiting can click to message you to sort out a meet up.

Really Important!

Before you race ahead, there is a very important guideline you must follow. Do NOT use your home, work, or any address that is personal to you or anyone you know. Use a public place, landmark, or similar. The location you choose will be displayed publicly on the site. We hope you understand.

Contribute your Cycle Touring Stories

Thank you for taking the time to submit your Bicycle Touring Article. We do appreciate it!

We review submissions as soon as we can. You will hear from us very soon.

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